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Internet Bandwidth Management, Why use it?


Most of business are experience users abuse Corporate Internet uses (Download KazaA, Music, Napster, Personal e-Mail, Yahoo or MSN Instant Messages etc.) because of the exponential growth in the use of the Internet, combined with increased reliance on IP-based networks (private, public or VPN), for mission-critical and time-sensitive traffic, has resulted in unprecedented demands on existing communication systems. In order to achieve an acceptable quality of service (QoS) and maximize the performance of business-critical applications, network managers need to allocate network resources based on business priorities. That's why Bandwidth Management Product will solve all bandwidth abuse and also help manage your bandwidth.

Maximize ROI on Network Infrastructure
The Bandwidth Management Product allows you to maximize the ROI from your corporate network by effectively managing bandwidth contention. On many networks as little as 5% of the users use up to 80% of the bandwidth-and often for non-business purposes. Use Bandwidth Management Product to discover-and throttle-these bandwidth abusers who download KaZaA and other peer-to-peer (P2P) files that negatively impact your network's performance. Define policies that limit excessive consumption and assure fairness for all users of the same class of service.

Maximize Business-Critical Application Performance
The Bandwidth Management Product allows you to maximize the performance of your business-critical applications by grouping and defining policies (called "Pipes" and "Virtual Channels"). After classifying traffic into categories such as "Oracle-based Application" or "Time-Sensitive Videoconference", the Bandwidth Management Product maintains application performance during peak traffic periods by guaranteeing bandwidth for higher priority applications and limiting bandwidth for others.

Monitor Network Activity
The Java-based Bandwidth Management Product Traffic Monitor presents real-time macro and micro views of traffic and performance from a single, easy-to-read GUI. For example, you can view top consumers of bandwidth or discover the presence of a DoS attack and its source.

Your Local Area Network Management Key Feature:

  • Complete out-of-the-box solution that provides centralized control for all networked applications.
  • Senses network congestion and actively employs adaptive techniques for control of network traffic to ensure that business critical applications receive required bandwidth.
  • Provides real-time status for overall network health.
  • Compares traffic flows against QoS policies to ensure that network traffic is ranked and session priorities are set.
  • Actively and intelligently controls the use of bandwidth to provide application level SLA management utilizing Layer 7+ data.
  • Provides analysis troubleshooting tools that allow you to optimize your network and troubleshoot to the application layer.
  • Cuts overhead costs dramatically by boosting network performance.
  • Guarantees QoS for business-critical voice and data traffic as well as for key users.
  • Enforces service levels and controls escalating costs.
  • Dynamically manages bandwidth in accordance with corporate policies.

Please contact our Houston office for any bandwith management services and products, or your can use the Contact Us form to get in touch with our consultant. Our experienced team in Houston TX will be more than happy to assist you. We provide you with the latest techology available.

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