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A terminal server is a specialized computer which aggregates multiple communication channels together. It allows users to log in remotely from various types of workstations and "thin" clients. By logging in users create their own client sessions on the server.


Improved performance can also be achieved when using Terminal Server. Desktop PC may be able to perform certain tasks, but it may also be old or slow. Or you may be working at home and accessing your files---which reside on one of the departmental file servers---over a slow (by local net standards) link. You will find it faster in such cases to log into the Terminal Server to edit your large spreadsheet rather than to edit it on your home PC, since the latter would entail downloading the file from your file server directory to your home system, then uploading the results back to the file server.


If you would like to find out which remote access server (including terminal server and citrix) is suitable for your company, please contact our Houston office, or you can use the Contact Us form to get in touch with our consultant.


Terminal Server works by knowing how to respond to a client process that you run on your local UNIX or Windows host. This "terminal client" presents you with a window that simulates a local monitor. The Terminal Server manages all computing resources for you and provides you with your own environment. The server receives and processes all key strokes and mouse clicks sent by each client and directs display output (audio and video) to each client as appropriate. You have access to all of your authorized network resources and can run any applications made available to you on the server.

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