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Timeer Networking Services specializes in custom Web design. Custom means each Web site is designed to match the nature and characteristic of your business, also unique in terms of how it looks and what elements it contains. Many web design companies create websites from templates. That means your website will not be robust for any changes in the future, and most importantly will not be unique. If you already have a website, we also offer redesign.


We also have total solution for E-Commerce website. We provide the initial consult, web design, database design and connectivity, hosting, maintenance site, automation software, and monitoring system. We even take the extra step to make sure that our client is 100% happy with the project, so we will work with you for any changes needed to be made even after the launch date. We work with asp, jsp, php, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PosgreSQL, as well .Net and client side scripting such as Javascript or VBscript.


Advanced Graphic Design


A Good graphic designer has to be both talented and skilled. What is the use if someone has superb artistic talent but does not know how to use the photo editing software, or vice versa. Each memeber of our graphic design team in Houston TX knows how to channel his/her artistic minds to the computer screen utilizing the newest software and tools available. Appropriate design is also very important. A good design can be beautiful and eye-catching, but if it's not appropriate, it will not represent the image of your company correctly.


Please Contact Us and let us know your situation. We have solutions for your company. Our team in Houston TX is ready to help you.

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